I just finished upgrading to iOS 5 on a 32 GB iPhone 4. Once the update was downloaded in iTunes, it took just over 3.5 hours to install the update, restore apps, photos and music. During that time, there were lots of instances where it appeared that iTunes froze. In fact, it was thinking and working. Updating apps and content occurred in the background for me. If I’d disconnected my iPhone when I thought the update was completed, I initially thought that I might have lost a lot of data — pretty dangerous on Apple’s part.

However, reader Matt Fragale shared his update experience in a talkback on Life In LoFi’s Facebook page:

“Actually, Marty… I pulled mine off when I thought it was done, but then realized I didn’t have all my apps and stuff. I plugged it back in and it popped up an error to tell me it hadn’t finished and then asked if I wanted to continue. I clicked yes and it went on its merry way with nothing lost at all.”

My iPhone is now updated. All in-app photo albums restored. I didn’t lose any Hipstamatic lenses in the update. Now, to take iOS 5 for a shakedown….