Horizontally Vertical

Horizontally Vertical by Vitamin_E / Eric Einwiller


Here is this week’s Faved On Flickr showcase. iPhoneographers continue to share their great photography, abstracts, captured moments, and awesome street photography in Life In LoFi’s Flickr group. And here you have it…this week’s showcase from the thousands images shared in the group recently.

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One of the things that I love about the iPhone camera is that it’s almost always with you, enabling us to capture with pretty good raw quality moments like these shared that would have otherwise passed forever. This week, there are a lot of these captured moments in the showcase.

Eric Einwiller gets the lead image this week with playful, simple “Horizontally Vertical.” It’s an awesome photo, basically raw, with great natural contrast and composition. Alan Kastner’s excellent “Tubularity” is brilliantly composed and dizzying. There are a several outstanding abstract composites from Gladly Beyond, Jorge Bañales, and ale2000. Some very gorgeous and moody noir pieces were submitted by Kerryn Benbow, flickr_psiquedog, T.S.W.P., and iPhom. This week, there are several powerful street captures from Dixon Hamby, Greg Schmigel, and ROCO@@. There are outstanding works from many other iPhoneographers in this week’s showcase. A lot of great apping, composition and photography. A lot of monochromes this week.

Links go back to the iPhonegrapher’s Flickr photostream. I encourage you to follow links and get to know iPhoneographers whose work catches your eye.

For your chance to be seen in this feature, all you have to do is be a member of the Flickr group, post, and keep adding great images. Here’s the link to Life In LoFi on Flickr. Then, check back here on Sundays. We’ll have more.

I hope you enjoy this week’s showcase. As always, many thanks to the iPhoneographers who post and share their photography.



Welcome To The Occupation

Welcome To The Occupation by Shel Serkin



Tubularity by tabiwallah



Tubing by Reservoir_Dan



Soar by Robin Sweet


Painter man

Painter man by JayJay Klees



Entrapment by Gladly Beyond


Old Town Alexandria

Old Town Alexandria by Jorge Bañales



Imagination by Kerryn Benbow



K-White by ElSur (Manuel Garci­a)


Anon girl talking on the phone (the POP series)

Anon girl talking on the phone (the POP series) by ale di gangi

self-portrait (hd)

self-portrait (hd) by ||| laura frantz |||


i've come to the crux

i've come to the crux by jenbeez


Untitled by The Illusive Man



271/365 by andyph76



Friends by victor*f



050 by Nick Kanta


Year of the metro

Year of the metro by T.S.W.P.



Llover by flickr_psiquedog



Noir by Kerryn Benbow


06.10.11.  N3.  iPhone Daily

06.10.11. N3. iPhone Daily by iPhom


Day 279 of 365

Day 279 of 365 by Tamara Manning


split level

split level by ©arlein


joost 239/365

joost 239/365 by Valerie Ardini


faces at freedom plaza

faces at freedom plaza by Just What I See - Greg Schmigel


God bless you

God bless you by ROCO@@



confrontation by Dixon Hamby


Avian 33

Avian 33 by themoaningtree


Walton on the Naze

Walton on the Naze by KevP


The Wiggly Tree (B&W)

The Wiggly Tree (B&W) by Lindsey Thompson (Lindsey76)


Running the labyrinth

Running the labyrinth by austins


Untitled by Lisa~Beth



Couch by ftwentytwo


Fishermen' huts

Fishermen' huts by ZeHaK!