While I wait for my iPhone 4S (I hope it’s delivered sometime tomorrow. Hope…), here’s another comparison of the iPhone 4 and new iPhone 4S cameras, this one by blogger Mark Stagi.

Mark writes:

Aside from the increased image quality the auto white balance of the camera does a much better job with bad indoor light and the color saturation is great. These were taken in pretty poor and dim lighting conditions which the iPhone usually has trouble with, but as you can see there is a reduction in noise levels while still keeping the image sharp.

I’ve heard nothing but great things about the new camera and the 4S in general. If you’ve got an iPhone 3G or 3GS, you’re in a great position to upgrade your phone if you can spare the $199-$399. For me, what was once a begrudging “I have to upgrade because of the blog” is quickly becoming “I’m really, really glad I upgraded to the 4S.”

Read Mark’s entire post here on Digital Photo Buzz. It’s also got lots of low-light comparison shots.