Composite image showing reduced bokeh of the iPhone 4S. Photos by Lisa Bettany.

While I await the arrival of my 4S (UPS, what can Brown do for me? Deliver my iPhone), here’s another great post illustrating the difference between the cameras on the iPhone 4 and new 4S.

Lisa Bettany has posted on the Camera+ blog side by side comparisons showing the lack of the red dot bokeh in the new iPhone 4S which is a characteristic of the iPhone 4’s camera in certain conditions. The new camera and optics of the 4S make for some pretty lens flares but gone are the pattern of red dots when shooting directly into a light source.

Lisa’s posted several images taken both indoors and out for comparison. Click here for the full post on Taken With Camera+.

Are you also having little-to-none of the red dot bokeh with your new iPhone 4S? Let us know in the comments below.