Apple Store, West 14th Street, New York City

If you are in or near New York city this evening, join author and iPhoneographer Dan Marcolina tonight, Monday December 5 at 7:00 pm at the 14th Street Apple Store Theater for an iPhone Photo Talk!

iphone obsessed by dan marcolina

Dan Marcolina, Mad App Alchemist and author of the critically acclaimed book/iPad series “iPhone Obsessed” is appearing at the 14th street Apple store in NY and will be showing you how the combination of picture choice and multiple app processing can turn a simple snapshot into a statement.

Dan has been collecting and combining iPhone apps for the last 3 years to explore new image iterations. An obsessive amount of iterations. What he has found is that with the right subject, shot and processed with just the right intent, you can transform a typical image into something memorable. A blurred image may just perfectly clarify your idea. The trick is to put effectiveness before effects. How do you set the tone of an image for its best impact?

Think of his presentation as an alchemist’s conjuring of creative elixirs, as you will discover the results of cross-mutating apps with a variety of image types. He has looked at most of the photography apps in iTunes and has boiled them down to the best. You will not be shown every step in his process but just the key creative moments, the hidden control or an unexpected app combination. Some of the techniques covered are Toon Illustration style, Painting Effects, Grunge style, HDR, Compositing and blend modes and you will be given a unique sneak peek into Adobes’ soon to be released PS Touch App.

Also covered are some key mobile shooting techniques and insights to the new Apples iOS and iPhone 4s.

Store Information:

401 W 14th Street New York City, NY 10014 (212) 444-3400

Dan’s great-looking book, “iPhone Obsessed: Photo editing experiments with Apps” lists for $29.99 in paperback but is currently available new from for only $19.49. link: iPhone Obsessed: Photo editing experiments with Apps [Paperback]

iObsessed Companion, the companion iPad-only app, is available in the App Store for $3.99. Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later

iObsessed Companion - Marcolina Design Inc



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