pogo sketch pro stylus

Pogo Sketch Pro Stylus. Sadly, iPad and lens not included….

It’s not new — I wrote about the Pogo Sketch Stylus in last year’s Holiday Gift Guide, but it’s such a great device I felt obliged to share it again this year. The standard Pogo Sketch is a great tool to have, especially for painting or brush-like edits on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. I’ve had my Pogo Sketch for a while now and love it. I’ve included the Pogo Sketch Pro Stylus this year. Either would make a great gift for yourself or any iPhoneographer or mobile photographer.

Pogo Sketch Stylus for iPhone

More and more apps use of brushes and masks as part of the workflow, including Filterstorm, Big Lens, Perfect Photo, and PhotoForge. If getting the level of precision you want from these apps is frustrating, the answer may be the Pogo Sketch Stylus.

The Pogo Sketch Stylus and the Pogo Sketch Pro Stylus is designed to precisely trigger the multi-touch display in your iPhone or iPod touch. Use it to paint, type, navigate, sketch, and play. For me, it’s perfect to use for precision moves with brush and brush-style tools. Using a Pogo Sketch instead of my fingertip increases my dexterity and precision. It’s much more natural to me for many photo editing functions and helps a lot when working on the iPhone’s small screen. The Pogo Sketch is also perfect to use when wearing gloves and great for users with long fingernails that get in the way of the screen interface.

The stylus has a soft, conductive tip that’s a little smaller than a pencil eraser and small enough to navigate your iPhone’s interface quickly and incident-free. Most importantly, it won’t scratch or damage your screen with normal use.

The Pogo Sketch is made from lightweight aluminum and features a convenient clip. The Pogo Sketch Pro is slightly larger with a normal writing pen or artist’s brush form factor. The Sketch Pro has a rubberized grip and comes with a carrying pouch. It’s pretty sexy.

The Sketch Pro comes in silver. The Sketch comes in several additional colors.

There are other stylii available, including other models from Pogo. I liked the combination of features, styling and price of the Pogo Sketch and Pogo Sketch Pro over all other stylii. Some others had rubber tips which don’t move as smoothly over the iPhone’s surface. Others didn’t have the convenient pocket clip.

The Pogo Sketch Pro retails for $24.95. The Pogo Sketch retails for $14.95. Both are available in-store now at Best Buy for full price. Both are available from Amazon.com for over $5.00 less each. Click the links below.



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Honestly, I’m not selling my soul for a few cents per click. Amazon.com usually has the best price/service/reliability combination and the Pogo Sketch is a cool little device. Your aunt that never knows what to get you will appreciate the suggestion.