iPro Lens System for iPhone 4 iPhone 4S iPhoneography

If you find yourself wanting a wider field of view from your iPhone’s camera, the iPro Lens System (iPro Lens website link) is a combination wide angle + 165° fish eye and iPhone 4/4S case system. The wide angle lens adds over 40% to your iPhone 4 or 4S’ field of view. The 165° fish eye lens creates that unique fish eye distortion and grabs more available image than any “fish-eye” photo app can.

The iPro Lens System is worth a look and definitely worth adding to your holiday wish list.

iPro Lens System for iPhone 4 iPhone 4S iPhoneography

What caught my eye about the iPro Lens System and earned it a place on Life In LoFi’s Holiday Gift Guide is that the iPro Lens System was designed and developed by Schneider Optics. In test shots I’ve seen from multiple sources, images are sharper and clearer edge-to-edge than just about any other iPhone lens of this type.

Most of the available lens kits, including the Olloclip and the magnetic clip-on lenses — use different optics than in the iPro. The glass ones are good (especially for the money), but lack edge-to-edge clarity and also have vignetting and barrel distortion issues.

iPhone normal and iPro wide angle lens

iPhone normal and iPro fisheye lens


I don’t have one of these yet, so this isn’t a review. It’s simply a listing for our Holiday Gift Guide. But it’s definitely a cool accessory that’s on my wish list. From all I’ve seen and read, these are quality lenses. At $199, the iPro Lens System might not be priced for everyone, but would make a really great gift for your favorite iPhoneographer. Alexandra Chang in her Macworld review sums the iPro up well, “…for those who are avid iPhoneographers and want the very best lens accessory for their device, this is it.”

The best deal I found on Amazon.com is for about $190 and it includes a few extra gimmes — some lens cleaning accessories and a faux-Gorillapod to sweeten the deal. The package includes:

The iPro Lens System for iPhone 4 & 4S with Fisheye and Wide-Angle Lenses easily twist on and off and let you capture more in every shot. The pocket-sized lens case securely protects your lenses, doubles as a universal tripod mount, and also makes a comfortable handle. And the rugged iPhone case is specially engineered to effortlessly accept the lenses and tripod mount.

The Lenspen Mini Pro II has a unique design that makes cleaning your LCD screen fast and simple. On one end, a retractable soft brush sweeps dust and particles away. On the other end, a dry cleaning compound to remove fingerprints and spots.

The Precision Design PD-T12 is the lightest and most versatile camera tripod available today. Featuring over two dozen flexible leg joints that bend and rotate, the PD-T12 will firmly secure your iPhone or compact digital camera to virtually any surface!

This 6×6-inch Microfiber Lens Cloth includes an attached water-resistant neoprene pouch that keeps the cloth dry and protected from dust, dirt and other contaminants.

The iPro Lens System + Accessory Kit is $189.95 on Amazon.com.



Disclosure: We are an Amazon.com partner and get a small spiff if you purchase an iPro through the above link. That’s not why I posted this. The iPro Lenses have gotten just about universally great reviews. I hope my set gets here before Christmas.