Hipstamatic Retropak


Christmas arrived a little early for new hipstas today. Retropak Two is now available as a Hipstamatic in-app purchase, a few days earlier than previously announced. This new/old pak is only available for a few days, so if you missed out on any of these the first time, grab them now. No word yet if this will be available through December 18 as advertised.

UPDATE 12.13.11 @15:00 CST: RetroPak One, featuring the awesome Melodie and Tejas lenses will also be re-released this weekend as well as part of Hipstamatic Retro Weekend.

UPDATE 12.13.11 @12:41 CST: Hipstamatic are currently tweeting that the launch of Retro Weekend is still three days away. This early release may be a server glitch.

As far as Hipstapaks go, it’s expansive and it’s expensive. Retropak Two features six lenses, two films, and a flash. It’s pricey, though, and is a $3.99 in-app purchase. Click past the jump for a look at what’s inside….

Retropak Two includes The Watts Lens and Big Up Film from the Bondi HipstaPak.

It also features the two very steampunk-styled lenses from the “Cowboys And Aliens” FreePak, the Matty ALN Lens and the Libatique 73 Lens.

RP2 includes the very magenta Susie Lens from the We Heart Boobies GoodPak. From the Wicker Park HipstaPak the Lucas AB2 Lens and Jolly Rainbo 2X Flash are included as well. And it includes the James M Lens and Rock BW-11 Film from the recently issued Nashville HipstaPak.

No other films, lenses or flashes have been rereleased in this Pak. None of the great cases are included, either.

Although the films and lenses or several previous paks are made available, at $3.99, this is the most expensive single Hipstamatic software purchase offered. It’s bound to hack off Hipstas who have most of these lenses and films, but are missing just one or two. If you’ve just recently purchased Hipstamatic or have a lot of catching up to do, the value of this pak goes way up. It’s only available for a few days.

If you are missing some of the now-unavailable limited edition Hipstapaks, Hipstamatic’s Retropaks are a good way to fill gaps in your collection.

If you’ve just gotten a new iPhone and don’t already have Hipstamatic, it’s $1.99 and comes nicely equipped with several “lenses”, films and flashes. There are several add-on HipstaPaks available for a buck or two as in-app purchases.

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