popa olloclip iPhone 4

iPhone 4 fitted with a POPA and an Olloclip. Photo by Kevin Buchanan

iPhoneographer Kevin Buchanan is an intersting and creative Fort Worther. I had been reading his blog FortWorthology for years before we finally met this year at a local showing of his iPhone photography. Kevin has also had some of his photos selected for our regular “Faved On Flickr” feature as well.

Kevin recently reviewed two accessories for iPhoneographers — the POPA shutter release and the popular Olloclip, both for the iPhone 4 and 4S. Click past the jump for my thoughts and for a link to the review on Kevin’s blog. >>>>

Two recent Kickstarter projects oriented toward those of us who love using our iPhones as photographic tools have become actual shipping products, and I’ve got one of each. I thought I’d share my thoughts on these two accessories for the benefit of the curious and my fellow iPhone photography enthusiasts.

The POPA, a camera grip and physical shutter button, and the Olloclip, a quick-change lens system, are both designed for the iPhone 4 and 4S. Each takes an innovative approach to solving its respective set of problems.

While I have hands on with the Olloclip, my review would have been jaded by the fact that I really, really prefer to use a case with my iPhone 4 (that’s a post that’s been written and is forthcoming). I’ve been aware of the POPA since it was a Kickstarter project. Kevin gives it pretty high marks, illustrating its added value despite the addition of the “VolumeSnap” shutter release in iOS5. It’s one post with two very thorough reviews.

Click here to read Kevin’s entire review on his blog, Tomorrowville.


Well, that was last year. Unfortunately, since this post was written, Kevin’s blog, Tomorrowville.net has gone offline. You can check this link periodically to see if this is just a glitch in the internets: