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Twistcam for iPhoneHere’s a cool new app from, the developer of the popular Tiny Planets app. TwistCam ripples your photos. It creates a series of concentric circles, each turned at an angle. These work to shift the reality of your photo.

I played around with the app tonight and looked at some samples created by others online. TwistCam is an easy way to add cool-looking distortion effects.

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TwistCam is inspired by the photography and processing of Nicholas Kennedy Sitton’s Twisted series. Even if you aren’t interested in this app, check out this series. The processing is pretty brilliant.

TwistCam is fun to play with. Shoot or load an image from your photo library. I recommend that you load an image — you’ll get much better results being selective, especially after you learn what kind of images work best in TwistCam. Hit the settings button. Adjust the number of rings. Drag a target to set your horizon. Adjust the size and amount of twist you want. Hit “Twist”. Once twisted, you can also add additional twists to the image.

TwistCam progressively rotates portions of the image. The effect warps the image in pretty surreal, unique ways. You can add less of a twist to make cityscapes look like Frank Gehry buildings, or crank up the twist for some really distorted effects. In a few minutes, I’d made some images that were fun, and others that were slightly nightmarish. With a little experimenting, it’s easy to make images as cool as Sitton’s Twisted Series.

There are not many settings and adjustments in this app at all. I had to play around with the settings a lot before I got something I was happy with, but the process isn’t frustrating. It’s fun to explore this app and to discover what slight variations in the settings will do to a “twist.” One of the things that I like about TwistCam is the amount of control you have over the effect once you learn how the settings respond.

Output resolution isn’t bad. Twist saves at up to 2000×2000 pixels on an iPhone 4S — that’s 4 MP.

This is an easy to use, fun to play around with app that can create some pretty fun and impressive distortions in your images. If you like the style of what it does, it’s definitely worth the dollar.

TwistCam is $0.99 in the App Store. Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.1 or later.

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