pixels at an exhibition p1xels.com

The premier virtual gallery for high-art iPhoneography and Mobile Photography has created the first website devoted exclusively to the sale of limited-edition archival prints from the leading artists in this new art genre.


Pixelsatanexhibition.com announced recently that it has launched a companion site, P1xels.com, the first website devoted to the sale of limited edition high-art iPhoneography prints from some of the finest artists in this new medium in the world. Many of the prints will only be available in a series of as few as 8 pieces, although archival, unsigned prints will be available by special order as well. Each print in the series will be numbered and signed by the artist and carry the artist’s provenance. The site represents works from some of the most acclaimed and recognized artists in the medium including, Maia Panos, Butow Maller, Andrea Mdos, Rudy Vogel, Cindy Patrick, Glen Homann, Jose Chavarry, Gordan Fraser, James Clarke, Jamie Stewart, Kris Torma, Max T. Frame, Ramona Gillentine, Robert Mullen, and Knox Bronson.

Knox Bronson, founder, curator and expert in the field of iPhoneography who has lectured across the US said “This is a most exciting new venture for the medium and for the P1xels artists. I am so proud of them and the body of work they have created. This site will help to further legitimize this new genre within the art world.”  The site was built to feature the artist’s work in a sophisticated fashion displaying pleasant sized thumbnails of each individual piece leading the potential collector to then easily view the image. When a piece is purchased through the provided shopping cart, the artist signs the print, which is then carefully packaged and sent via overnight delivery to the collector. The fine art prints range in size from 13″ x 19″ to as large as 18″ x 24″. Larger images in open unsigned editions are available on request.

P1xels.com was borne from the idea that iPhoneography is fast becoming a legitimate art form springing from the underground onto the world stage. Galleries, Apple and various pop-up stores around the world are featuring iPhoneographic images; workshops and lectures on the subject are being offered daily; and the Apple iTunes store features thousands of photography and photography apps with hundreds more being released or updated daily.

P1xels—The Fine Art of the iPhone is nothing more than a manifestation of my belief that iPhoneography is a new and vibrant artistic medium, the first to appear in several decades as far as I am concerned, and I believe that the work of many of the dedicated artists in the medium deserve their rightful place in the world of fine, serious, beautiful art. P1xels.com is the first place where collectors of this medium can come to, view the choicest pieces and buy them at their leisure.”

For further inquiries contact, Knox Bronson at +1 510.612.6124