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Left: Rodney ZX9, Right: Unicorn MG cameras


Within days of the Hipstamatic Disposable 11 update, the app has been updated yet again. Hipstamatic Disposable version 12 has just hit the App Store. Here’s what’s new from the App Store description:
• By popular demand, there are UNLIMITED cameras available in HipstaMart!
• High Quality mode is now supported on all cameras
• Bug fixes and performance improvements

This is a very big update to the new, controversial social photo camera.

hipstamatic disposable iphoneStating the obvious, Hipstamatic Disposable was Synthetic’s least popular app on launch. The recent ratings chart for version 10 and 11 show an awful lot of 1 stars for a free app that’s actually a lot better than many paid apps. The main criticisms, of course, are the pay-per-roll pricing model and the low resolution of the free cameras.

This is obviously a response to the comments and criticism (ire would be a good word) that was drawn from the community. This update should go a long way to address many users’ complaints.

There are four new cameras, each for $0.99. They follow the traditional Hipstamatic pricing model and buyers get unlimited shooting.

The four new cameras are the Rodney ZX9, Unicorn MG, Gregory GR8, and the El Mario. Each roll resets after 24 exposures and each purchase of these gets you unlimited rolls. Most of the new cameras have some interesting light leaks. I like the Rodney ZX9’s Holga-like double exposures.

Currently, the original three cameras are still roll-limited. The app still comes standard with two cameras and a thrid is unlocked when you link the app to Facebook.

There was a lot of anger aimed at Synthetic’s pricing model on this one — much more than that directed at Lomora when it was first released with a similar pricing model. Actually, Hipsta-D’s pricing was much better per shot. The backlash was fast and deep. It’ll be interesting to see how far this gesture goes toward repairing the ill will that was generated.

Also, if Hipstamatic Disposable continues with this pricing model, it simply becomes another Hipstamatic except that you and your friends can’t see the images until all 24 exposures are taken. It becomes redundant and a little frustrating compared to Hipstamatic. It’s the Path app with 24 exposures and Hipstamatic’s better cameras.

After it’s release, I have grown to like the concept of a group shoot, especially after being invited to iPhoneographer’s rolls from around the world. Hipsta-D is like a virtual Instagram Photowalk on your iPhone. Not only can you connect with your friends at the same event or area, but you can connect photos with friends around the globe in ways I didn’t think of until this app. It’s not a bad app — certainly not worth the number of 1 stars it’s been getting.

I understand what Synthetic are trying to do with Hipstamatic Disposable. It’s making social photography an active event instead of a more passive one like Instagram. Hipsta-D has many more choices before you can shoot and share than Instagram. It involves more participation.

I’m glad Synthetic have quickly addressed these user complaints. I hope Hipstamatic Disposable finds its focus (if you will) soon. I hope that it doesn’t come at the expense of Synthetic’s crown jewel, Hipstamatic.

Hipstamatic Disposable is free in the App Store. Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

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