This is a great time to go shopping for your gifts for your favorite iPhone! In preparation for the annual App Store holiday (the few days after Christmas where the App Store takes a few days off from releasing new apps), Christmahanakwanzika has come a little early. There are a ton of sales and freebies on great apps, including ProCamera, the MacPhun apps, HDR Fusion, Camera360 Ultimate and many, many others. All of these are limited time only discounts and some of these discounts may disappear soon (as in hours), so grab them now!

There are some great deals to be had right now. This is a good chance to inexpensively try some new apps that you may have been on the fence about. If you think you’re getting a new iPhone for Christmas, this is a great chance to stock up on some awesome apps. Click past the jump to find today’s deals. >>>>

We’re just going to go through these quickly. Many have already been reviewed here on Life In LoFi.

HDR Fusion lets you create real HDR photographs by merging two differently exposed pictures taken in rapid succession (bracketing). This way, highlights and shadows can be captured and thus fully detailed. HDR Fusion is FREE right now in the App Store. Normally, this one goes for $1.99. This one is good for a few more hours today only. | HDR Fusion - Cogitap Software

ProCamera is a well-balanced 5-in-1 app that enhances still photo and video, and includes a suite of photo editing tools, social networking support, and camera related utilities. ProCamera sets the standard as the most professional camera app with its high-end features. In this class, Camera+ may be a more comprehensive suite of tools, but ProCamera helps to capture a better photo in the first place. ProCamera is the camera replacement app that I use. It’s just been updated with new features. It’s rarely on sale, but right now it’s on sale for $1.99 — a savings of $1.00. | ProCamera - Jens Daemgen

Snapheal is a new content-aware Mac app from MacPhun which claims to let you quickly and easily remove unwanted objects from your photos. For those of you who work on your images on your Mac desktop or laptop, it really is fast and easy. I’ve reviewed it here on the blog. List price is $19.99. It’s on sale now for an unbelieveable $5.99 in the Mac App Store — a huge savings of $14! | Snapheal - MacPhun LLC

All the MacPhun photo apps are on sale right now, including the venerable FX Photo Studio for iPhone and iPod Touch. There are a ton of filters in this excellent photo app. There are filters, effects masking, excellent Instagram integration, and now the app fully supports iOS 5 and the higher resolution of the iPhone 4S. All this, and it’s still iOS 3 and old iPhone-friendly. It’s got a huge variety of filters and it’s from a great developer who regularly updates the app. It’s on sale now for a limited time for only $0.99 — that’s a dollar off the regular price. |  FX Photo Studio - MacPhun LLC

Artifact is a “clone stamp” tool on steroids that helps you quickly alter photos or create collages. Paint with live video or with a photo. Basically it lests you paint out masks between layers, much like Photoshop. I’ve had the app for a while. With small fingers (or a stylus), a few undos and some cussing, you can create some interesting masked composite images. The interface takes a couple minutes to get adjusted to, but it’s fairly easy to navigate once you’ve figured it out. It’s normally $2.99. It’s on sale now for only $0.99. | Artifact - Kirill Edelman

Top Camera combines features found in numerous camera apps and a few unique features and displays them in a no-nonsense, easy to use interface that allows you to concentrate on your creative side. An excellent HDR (High Dynamic Range) feature, VIDEO RECORDING, amazing SLOW SHUTTER mode and the use of FOLDERS for file management make it unique among the all camera apps. Folders, sharing, editing and effects add a whole different dimension you enter when you are finished in the full-featured shooting mode. | Top Camera - photo / video app with HDR, slow shutter, folders and editor - Lucky Clan

Photo Power is a photo editor iPhone app. Although a bit slow and cranky compared to other apps in this class (think PhotoToaster or PicTools), it has a good feature set for cropping and rotating, adjusting color and luminance, as well as 40 one-click filter presets. It lists for $2.99 (it’s almost never that), but right now it’s FREE for a limited time in the App Store. | Photo Power - wzbbj

But wait! There’s more…!

iQuikDoF Pro enables users to create depth of field effects in any photos. Apply Depth of Field, Miniature, Fake Bokeh, Tiltshift effects, quickly. There’s also a free version with fewer features to try before you buy (the link goes to the pro version, however). iQuikDoF Pro is normally $1.99. It’s only $0.99 in the App Store right now. | iQuikDoF Pro - Depth of Field Creator - Emir Fithri Bin Samsuddin

Camera360 Ultimate is the iPhone version of one of the premier retro photo apps for Android OS. Recent updates have addressed some of the issues with, well, recent updates. The app features several unigue retro-style filter presets. Normally $0.99 for iPhone, it’s FREE right now for a limited time! | Camera360 Ultimate - PinGuo Inc.

Comic strip creator app Kabaam is FREE again right now in the App Store for a limited time – a savings of $0.99! Create comic-style panels of up to nine images. The last time this was free, the discount went away after only a few hours. If you missed it then, act quickly now. | Kabaam - Gamua OG

As always, these are for a limited time only and could go back up at any time. Grab any you are looking at sooner rather than later.

Whew…! Did I miss any? Share your App Store deal finds in the comments below.