Excluding the flashes, Hipstamatic currently has 360 filter combinations — that’s 20 lenses and 18 films. I use maybe three (kidding).

Hipstamatrix (click here to visit the site) is a new website designed by Ben Gremillion & Cherie Benoit that easily lets you preview more than 300 of Hipstamatic’s film and lens combinations. It’s an ambitious and impressive project.

You may have seen it shared on Twitter or Facebook. It’s not 100% yet, but it’ll be an essential HipstaUtility when finished.

It’s pretty easy. Simply narrow down your choices in five attribute categories — Color range, Color cast, Border treatment, Contrast and Saturation. Selecting a preference instantly narrows down the combinations onscreen. It’s a great, quick way to explore various Hipstamatic combinations and help you break out of the John S./Blanko Noir rut (no, really, I use others…).

This is more like a Cool Link (beta). I checked it out. Hipstamatrix is missing some gear. Not all lenses and films are in the database yet. Also, a quick test reveals the results are pretty inaccurate. For instance, what’s displayed as the Helga Viking lens is actually the Salvador 84 lens. You want John S. combinations? It’s labeled as the Lucas AB2 lens. The word from Hipstamatic itself is that the curators of the website are aware of this and are currently working on a fix.

Hipstamatrix is mobile-friendly and looks great on iPhone screens. When it’s finished and fixed, it’ll be a valuable resource and definitely worthy of a bookmark on your device’s home screen.

We’ll keep an eye on the site and let you know when it’s updated and fixed.


UPDATE 01.22.12 @10:30: I know that Ben Gremillion is working on fixing this, I just checked Hipstamatrix last night and several of the lenses are still wrong, including the John S. lens. I’ll keep checking regularly. =M=


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