One of my most-used iPhone photo gizmos is my set of Photojojo magnetic lenses, especially the wide angle lens. With its natural vignette, lens distortion and lack of edge-to-edge focus, it’s a great lens for creating genuine lo-fi effects on my iPhone.

If you’ve got some or all of the popular Photojojo iPhone lenses including the wide angle/macro, fisheye, and 2X telephoto, keeping them secure when carrying them around can be a problem. Although they’re small, you don’t want to risk dust or damage by carrying them around loosely in your pocket.

Photojojo has solved this problem. They now have a custom case that fits the set of lenses and accessories that they offer.

A built-in magenetic strip holds your Macro/Wide Lens, the Fisheye, and the 2x Telephoto Lenses. If you have an 8X Telephoto Lens, the side pocket’s custom made to hold the lens plus its iPhone case.

Tough nylon on the outside and soft felt on the inside protects your tiny hunks of glass from the perils of your backpack or tote bag. And it’s animal friendly, too! A vegan leather strap keeps everything together.

The wallet is available separately for only $15.00, or you can get the iPhone Ultimate Kit, which is all four lenses along with the wallet for $79.00

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