A couple of weeks ago, I reviewed new iPhone photo app AnalogColor. The app has a new update that addresses a couple of the issues I had with the 1.0 release. The new 1.1 update makes it a better app — definitely more usable for iPhoneographers — and also indicates that the developer will be pushing out more of these incremental updates which address user requests.

AnalogColor is another retro photo app. It’s got a clean and straightforward interface. There are several easy to use one-click presets as well as tools to make adjustments. The effects include expired film, cross process, simulated film grain, and light leaks.

AnalogColor 1.1 now supports original resolution — up to 8 MP on an iPhone 4S. You can now make some pretty serious enlargements and sharp prints. The lower resolutions are still available on save, which make better use of your bandwidth if you’re only planning on sharing online.

The developer had also hinted that frames would be added to the app. Two of them are included in this update — a basic white frame and a simple but nice film-positive black border.

All of the things I liked about the first release of AnalogColor still apply, including the quality and richness of the analog effects and the addition of subtle noise to simulate film grain.

The app is still not on par with its desktop counterpart, ToyCamera AnalogColor. Hopefully, we’ll get more frames in future updates. The app is still missing “lenses” and the complete set of slider adjustments found in the desktop version of the app. The Blur and Dodge tools would be cool.

I like the color and subtle texture effects of this app. AnalogColor 1.1 is an improvement over the original release and makes this version a more usable app.

AnalogColor is $1.99 (on sale through the end of January for $0.99). Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.1 or later.

AnalogColor - pentacom