Frolic by =M=

In case you missed this, Digital Photography Review recently posted a good basic introduction to square format photography. It gives a brief history of the format as it relates to photography, as well as some good image composition theory. It’s a very camera-neutral read and applies to pretty much any device capturing square-format photography.

With more iPhone users discovering artistic photography through square format apps like Instagram and Hipstamatic, this is a good read to get a quick background and some good tips on shooting better square format. The rules of composition for rectangular formats don’t always apply to square format photography.

“Having a single subject is even more important in a square format than in a rectangular one. Don’t try to split the viewer’s attention. Including some background for context is okay, and may even be important, but make sure that the background stays in the background.”

Click here to read “Square Format: not so weird” by Doug Pardee on