Hipstamatic 235 iPhoneThe new America Hipstapak is available now as an in-app purchase in Hipstamatic. The pak is $0.99 and contains the same lens and case from the now-discontinued Made In America FreePak as well as two new films. I got an extra week to shoot with the Americana lens. I would have bought the Hipstapak regardless.

And in the other big Hipsta news of the day, the Soho Hipstapak is being pulled off the Hipstamart soon. This is the first time Hipstamatic have deleted one of the regular Hipstapaks, so grab it now while it’s still available.

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The new America Hipstapak adds two new films to the previously released Made In America Freepak. From the press release, the full Pak includes:

Americana Lens: Oh say, can you see, by this lens’ soft blurry light.

Old Glory Camera Case: Pledge your allegiance to the United States of Awesome with Red White and Beauty.

US1776 Film: This black and white classic is the biggest thing since John Hancock’s signature.

Blanko Freedom 13 Film: From the lack of border, to the triple stripe corner, this film was made for you and me.

We’ve covered the lens and the case in a previous post. The faux-Bakelite case is pretty sweet with its 50’s retro look and fake chrome trim. The lens adds a little aged blue and a slight blur around the edges to your photos.

The new Blanko Freedom 13 film is a straightforward and basic color film. It’s also Hipsta’s first borderless film. The new US1776 film is black and white and creates a gorgeous high contrast photo. This one has a great looking, rough film-positive looking frame. Overall, I think this is an excellent Hipstapak.

Hipstamatic again partnered with New York fashion photographer Chiun-Kai Shih to create the pack. “Chunky” collaborated with Hipstamatic last year to create the Soho Hipstapak, which will be deleted soon. The Soho pak contains the very nice Chunky lens with its warm yellow tones, Cano Cafenol and Blanko Noir films, and the very fun Mr. Bling camera case.

The America Hipstapak is now live in Hipstamart as an in-app purchase.

If you don’t already have Hipstamatic, the basic app is $1.99 and comes with plenty of films and lenses as standard equipment. There are plenty of addictive add-on Hipstapaks. You’ve been warned.

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