It looks like we get a new HipstaPak for SXSW after all.

Hipstamatic has partnered with Nic Adler, owner of legendary music club The Roxy and avid photographer, on a new lens, film and flash designed for photog lovin’ concert connoisseurs.

Just in time for SXSW, the Groupie SnapPak, $0.99, comes equipped with:

  • Adler 9009 Lens: This lens is King of the Sunset Strip. With a textured glow, this lens is perfect for catching a show in Austin, or even a sunset in LA.
  • Dylan Film: Damaged, overstated and unpredictable just like our favorite musicians. The Dylan film was left out in the sun a little too long, and has the light leaks to prove it.
  • Pop Rox Flash: Use the software (half) flash for contrast in dimly lit “hey-no-flash-allowed” performances; the hardware flash, when allowed of course, turns up the contrast volume even louder.


Credited with reinvigorating LA’s Sunset Strip and also an avid photographer, Adler has snapped tens of thousands of photos. Hipstamatic is Adler’s favorite camera app because of its ability to uniquely capture “feel and emotion,” helping to enrich his photography.

It’s available now through the end of April.



(photo credits: Nic Adler at SXSW)