(UPDATE 01): Despite what the PDF Export purchase screen says, it is NOT per use. The in-app purchase is for unlimited use of the feature. Reader Mr. Timney pointed this out in his comment below and I’ve been using the feature all afternoon. The post has been updated to reflect this. My apologies for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused. =M=)

pxl allows you to create modernist, abstract compositions with your photos. You can choose between nine different unique styles. I’ve previously reviewed the app here. I liked pxl. a lot despite its low 640×960 image resolution.

pxl. 1.1 was recently released. An extra buck as an in-app purchase now gives you the option to save and share your work as a scalable vector-based PDF. That’s an extra dollar per use. That can add up quickly. This is a price point that will please few users. An extra dollar for scalable PDF output is definitely worth it. Sign me up. That purchase comes with a scare, though. Read on for more….

pxl saves images up to 960×640 or 1024×1024 square format. You can share images straight to Facebook or instagram from within the app.

For me, it’s a little ironic that an app named “pxl.” uses a vector-based solution for high-res output, but I welcome it nonetheless. Basically, this allows you to output your pxl.-made creations at any size large or small. Vector-based art is not pixel-dependent. It’s essentially a series of PostScript instructions rather than blocks of individual pixels.

I know it doesn’t sound sexy, but the bottom line is that you’ll be able to enlarge your images to billboard size with no loss of quality. Now, that sounds sexy….


UPDATE: The PDF Export purchase screen is very misleading and it appears that the PDF export is $1 per use. In fact, it’s just a poor choice of words on the part of the developer. Once purchased, the PDF Export option is for unlimited use. This is a much better price point and makes it a highly recommended in-app purchase.

As the iPhone’s photo album doesn’t recognize PDF files, pxl saves your PDFs to Dropbox, ezShare, and other apps that use Apple’s “Send To App” protocol. I found Dropbox to be the easiest all around.

pxl. is a very cool app, even with its low res output. The new PDF Export option is a great improvement for this unique app.

For users who prefer pixels instead of vector-based output, Mr. Timney also offered this cool tip on converting the PDFs to JPGs on your device:

The PDF file in .pxl is a 2048x image before scaling (that’s using a 1936 original image). If you buy the app PDF to Image ($1.99), it allows you to scale up to 300% 100,200,300% & smaller too) of the size within the PDF. So the 2048x PDF image can save to 6144x to your iPhone or iPad (both are universal apps). The PDF to Image is your best choice for bigger sizes, if you want to do & use it on either of your iOS devices.

pxl. is $0.99 with an additional $0.99 in-app purchase for PDF export. Requirements: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

pxl. - Rainer Kohlberger




Again, big thanks to Mr. Timney for the corrections. =M=