the original hipstamatic 100 on an original iPhone 2G

The original Hipstamatic 100 on an original iPhone 2G

Life In LoFi has pretty much covered Hipstamatic since Day 1. In my original review, I said “It’s a fun camera to shoot with. It just feels analog. It’s the experience of an old camera shooting within an iPhone and I like it a lot. There are other camera apps that do this, but the experience isn’t as authentic for me.” I still feel that no other camera app comes as close to fully recreating the analog retro camera experience.

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I was even able to get an interview with Lucas Buick and Ryan Dorshurst, Hipstamatics developers, when Hipstamania was in its infancy.  The interview was mostly about Hipstamatic and it’s brilliant (but fictional) backstory. Since then, several other stories have appeared in the media from time to time about the story of Lucas and Ryan and the early days of Hipstamatic.

The best “history” I’ve read yet was recently published by the Twin Cities Pioneer Press. Written by Julio Ojeda-Zapata, the story covers in about the best detail I’ve seen, the history of the very early days of Hipstamatic, including the impetus for developing the app as well as how they finished the app in their Lowertown office without any power. There’s also a great photo of some of Ryan’s original whiteboard sketches of the app. That alone makes it worth the read for any Hipsta-lover.

Hipstamatic has spent most of its release in the Top 10 of the Photo section in the App Store. I think deservedly so. Many of its effects are rich, colorful and lush. No other photo app comes close to recreating many of Hipstamatic’s signature effects.

Click here to read “In a sea of photo apps, St. Paul-born Hipstamatic thrives in San Francisco” on It’s a great look into the real history of this hallmark photo app.