Only Child - Mute Only in Pictures

Only Child – Mute Only in Pictures by asleepundercolummsovlight/Joel Adam


Here is this week’s Faved On Flickr, one of the longest-running iPhoneography showcases on the web. Here are some of the excellent images chosen from the those shared to Life In LoFi’s Flickr group.

One of the things that i love about doing the weekly showcases is that I’m always surprised at the creativity of the photographers who share their photos, whether is a stark, simple, well-composed photograph or a multi-textured, multi-apped piece of iPhone art. I’m always amazed at the creativity and diversity on display.

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This week’s lead image is a striking one by Joel Adam, “Only Child – Mute Only in Pictures”. I find it both haunting and nostalgic. For me, there’s so much happening out of the frame. it’s an image that stuck with me.

Also in this week’s showcase are some great images by Andy Royston (The Ft Lauderdale Sun project), Dixon Hamby, Edi Caves, Lumilyon, Roger Guetta, Dimitris Karathanos, Donna French, Andrew Caldwell, Lynette Jackson and a couple of excellent street photographs by Clay Benskin.

Several images in this week’s showcase were also selected for our new, Twitter-only feature, Life In LoFi’s Daily Pic. Follow @LifeInLoFiBlog on Twitter to see each day’s image.

Links go back to the iPhoneographer’s Flickr photostream. There are a lot of first-time appearances in this week’s selections and I encourage you to follow the links to discover new artists whose work catches your eye.

Submissions are open to everyone with an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. All you have to do to submit your photography is to post your images to Life In LoFi’s Flickr group. Sundays, we feature a brand new showcase of more great iPhone photography

There are many other stunning works posted in our Flickr group. BE sure to stop by there and have a look at the many other images that I can’t fit into this piece.

Please enjoy this set. As always, it’s the iPhoneographers who deserve the credit. My sincere thanks to all of the iPhoneographers who continue to share their outstanding photography here and elsewhere.




IMG_0124 by laszlo lim


Warped Reflection

Warped Reflection by Citizen 4474



Untitled by Thestreets2 / Clay Benskin



Fish by Lindsey G (modchik)


a word, before you go

a word, before you go by laszlo lim



184/366 by b. Lynne / Brandy Barham



Untitled by ray_luther



photo by MikeBonn


July 3rd : Waves to the Clouds

July 3rd : Waves to the Clouds by Andy Royston ( The Ft Lauderdale Sun project)


Clouds #152

Clouds #152 by ip.ographer / James Clarke


Sex Toy (tinted version)

Sex Toy (tinted version) by Lumilyon


Mannequin In Angst

Mannequin In Angst by DraMan/ Roger Guetta


Divine Flight

Divine Flight by Donna French 808


She Rise Up

She Rise Up by Dimitris Karathanos



Untitled by Thestreets2



IMG_2761 by john fullard


#3652012 day 148 - Getting lost in the old city, dodging cows, stepped in shit. Best lassi ever.

day 148 – Getting lost in the old city, dodging cows, stepped in shit. Best lassi ever. by Andrew Caldwell


Flyer poster lookin at me

Flyer poster lookin at me by Dixon Hamby



bowlers by captainbonobo


I wear my heart on my sleeve

I wear my heart on my sleeve by E.Caves


Victory #carkeek #beach #rays #iphoneonly #iphoneography #igers_seattle_fav #igers_seattle #day187

Victory by Kate Hailey


Angel at war

Angel at war by nO_ok



Untitled by s n a c k s


No._477a   iPhone4+iDesign+PicFrame+PicFx+SnapSeed+ImageBlender+PictureShow

No._477a by Page67_Lynette Jackson