I recently reviewed the pop-art photo app Part. You can read my entire review here. Part creates very geometric, abstract works. You an leave some parts big and others you can break down and isolate into recognizable shapes. The result are some pretty interesting abstracts.

Part was recently updated. You can now share your images on Muzy.com — sort of a new bloggish Dropbox for photos. You can now also restore your in-app purchases Kind of a no-brainer. More on Part’s in-app Sha;es Pack purchases after the jump.

Part is a $1.99 that could cost you as much as $20 when all is said and done. It’s the Hipstamatic model of selling a perfectly usable photo app and then providing individual add-ons for a buck or two. The developer has a similar model for its excellent retro video app, iSupr8.

Since I first reviewed the app, Part has added the ability to purchase new shapes through its new unlock menu. There are currently 18 shapes packs at $0.99 each. Most look more like Wingdings or Zapf Dingbats fonts than abstract shapes. I found one pack that I liked enough to buy and test out, the Circles Theme Pack.

The new shapes packs are not a one-price-buys-all option. An additional $18 in purchases is a little much for a complete set of shapes for Part. Odds are, you won’t spend all $18 completing Part. There is such a wide variety among the shapes packs, you may find yourself wanting to buy only one or two.

Each shapes pack adds ten new shapes that you can use to create parts. The nice thing is, you can easily toggle your favorites to add to the shapes menu. Dingbats and shapes that you will never use don’t have to clutter up the interface. Buying one or two of the shapes packs adds a lot of versatility to the art your can create.

TIP: The in-app purchase screen is a little misleading. The wording indicates that the shape packs might be limited use. Once you buy a pack, all ten shapes in that pack are actually unlimited use.

If you need to restore your purchases, simply go to the “?” screen in the menus and select the tiny Restore Purchases at the bottom of the screen.

Part’s recent in-app purchase feature (from the previous update) adds new shapes and possibilities. The new Muzy.com integration allows you to share your images on another social network, but one that’s spending some cash building name recogition in the hopes to be a major player in that arena.

Part is $1.99 for the standard version with two shapes. It’s a Universal app that works great on iPhone or iPad. Requirements: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 5.0.1 or later.

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