They are called the “LA MAFia.” Clever name. They are the artists who are featured in the LA Mobile Arts Festival. LAMAF have released a PDF version online of the program for this week’s LA Mobile Arts Festival opening this Saturday at the Santa Monica Arts Studios.

With over 600 iPhone photographs, many workshops and photo shoots, and several iPhone art installations, the LA Mobile Arts Festival is the largest exhibition of its kind so far. Click past the jump to find out more. and to download your copy of the program. >>>

Click here to download the official LA-MAF 2012 program. There you will find a full list of artists, highlights for specific projects, installations and collaborations that were accepted into the show as individual proposals sent in by artists… and more. It’s not only a great overview of the exhibition, Daria and Nate’s thoughts on the past, present and future of iPhoneography and mobile art is well worth the read.

The festival has been getting great coverage in high profile media outlets, including The Huffington Post and the venerable Los Angeles Times.

Here’s the money quote from the LA Times piece:

“A lot of people “when they think iPhone art or something iPhoneography they think of Instagram now, which is so huge, and all the snapshots that are up there, and this is just a chance to show people that there’s a lot more really creative work going on and much more than they might expect that’s possible to do with these devices,” said Daria Polichetti, one of the co-founders of, which is holding the festival. “

Other media outlets interested in the event are CNET which is currently compiling a story, LA Magazine, Good Day LA, KTLA’s Gayle Anderson and ABC News are all looking to do interviews and spots. Dig Magazine,, ManJr. Digital media Wire and MindshareLA and WIRED Magazine have all said they are planning to attend or do a story as well.

What high profile exhibitions and mainstream media coverage does is expose the art aspect of mobile phone photography and iPhoneography in particular. There are millions of smartphones being used to share photographs. What exhibitions like the LAMAF do is illustrate to users, other artists, critics and scholars that the iPhone camera and iOS is a legitimate creative tool.

The festival opens this Saturday and runs through August 25. There is an RSVP preview event this Friday. See the festival schedule for more details.