P1xels.com has launched an Indiegogo campaign to finance the revamping of P1xels.com. The new site is being recoded from scratch and modernized in HTML5 and will offer much more advanced features than the site currently offers. The new site will offer artists much more control over their works, provide more social network-style features, and most importantly for artists, help connect creators and consumers.

The Indiegogo campaign is offering some great rewards at various donation levels. Find out more and why I think P1xels is important after the jump. >>>

The new site isn’t simply a WordPress makeover. The new site will feature Retina display support for iPad, iPhone, and any other Retina-display ready devices as well as touch-enabled navigation for mobile devices. It will allow for vastly increased interactivity, elegant site navigation, article/artist/gallery feature presentation, artist tools, and more. E-commerce for prints & merchandise will be built into the site. These changes have been planned for a while and many user feature requests have been taken into consideration.

We have a broad selection of rewards for contributors, from prints, to t-shirts, music, digital downloads, and more based on contribution level.

Why P1xels is Important

Through the artistic passion and vision of Knox Bronson, P1xels has been a pioneering force in the short history of iPhoneography. Pixels At An Exhibition was the first curated online gallery of iPhoneography. A few months later, P1xels emerged from the virtual world and into the real on by hosting iPhoneography’s first brick and mortar gallery show at the Giorgi Gallery in Oakland. Knox and P1xels were the first to be invited by Apple to produce iPhoneography events in Apple Stores around the country to introduce the medium to the public. I’m very proud to say I was part of the Chicago event. Knox was the first major interview on the Flipboard platform as well as the first and only iPhonic art in featured premium content on Flipboard.

Without P1xels, all of these things would have eventually happened in iPhoneography, but I truly believe that the art would not be the same without its early involvement. There would have been a first brick and mortar iPhoneography show sometime, but combined with Knox’s detailed and particular curation, the brick and mortar shows which introduced the art form to the general public got off to an excellent start. From the beginning, Knox set very high standards for P1xels artists. I think without his vision, iPhoneography would be very different today.

P1xels remains the only curated iPhoneography web site. The quality of the works selected every day is uniformly excellent and includes many different photographic and artistic styles.

So, that’s why I’m supporting Knox and P1xels in this Indiegogo campaign and I urge you to consider doing the same. Knox and I have had many discussions about the direction of P1xels, the future of iPhonic art, as he likes to call it, and the impact of ever-improving photographic capabilities of the iPhone and other mobile devices on what began as a truly lo-fi artistic medium. P1xels 2.0 will be a better site — a network for artists to share and connect. It will open up opportunities for artists to sell their works — not just prints, but valuable gallery edition fine art prints.

P1xels is the premier online gallery of iPhonic art and iPhoneography. Knox’s dedication to the art is tireless. In supporting the next generation of P1xels, we are helping one of iPhonegraphy’s biggest champions to help continue to grow the art out of the virtual world and into the real one.

To join this campaign, visit the P1xels Indiegogo Campaign page here.