Over the weekend, TechCrunch reported that September 21 is most likely the date that the new iPhone / iPhone 5 hits the stores. Nothing, of course, is confirmed yet by Apple. The internet has been ablaze with rumors that Apple will announce specs and preorder availability at a big September 12 event that has yet to be officially announced.

Both AT&T and Verizon store employees have been given a vacation blackout from September 21 to September 30. TechCrunch has confirmed that both US companies’ store blackouts begin Friday, September 21, a measure needed if both companies are expecting a lot of in-store traffic for a possible new product rollout. It’s been about a year since the rollout of the iPhone 4S and the device is due for an update. This blackout adds a lot of credence to the release date rumors. My hunch is that September 21 is a pretty solid date.

Otherwise, there’s nothing confirmed about the new iPhone. A lot of hardware rumors and photos have been leaked, but many of them are pretty inconsistent. The only things I feel fairly confident that we’ll see on the new iPhone are the new taller, 9:16 screen and the mini-dock connector. I’ve been able to find no information about the new camera except that the new lens/flash configuration will probably be a little different in the new iPhone 5 (or whatever it ends up being called). We’ll find out (probably) on September 12.

We’ll keep you posted on more info, credible rumors and release dates as we find out.

What new features to you think the new iPhone 5 will have? Heard any good rumors elsewhere? Let us know down in the comments for this post.


UPDATE 01: The TechCrunch story has been updated to reflect that “an AT&T spokesperson has reached out to say that there is no vacation blackout scheduled for this time.” Okay, we’ll see…. =M=