Polamatic, fake Polaroid for iPhoneUPDATE: The Polamatic 2.2 update has just been released. It’s a lot more stable than 2.1, but there’s still an image rotation issue with the app. The developer is aware and working on a fix. Hold tight until 2.3…. =M=

Polamatic is one of the more authentic-looking digital recreations of an old, square Polaroid SX-70 print. The last update added higher, more usable resolution (see my review of Polamatic 2.0 here), but there were a few bugs in the app.

The update fixes several of those bugs, but adds one, very critical bug. If you purchased the app, you should hold off installing the 2.1 update and wait for the next one. The new 2.1 update saves images 90° rotated.

The new 2.1 update is a bug fix release and addresses the incorrect text size issue when saving your image, a crash issue with the Polamatic Store (I didn’t experience this), and a text editor crash issue (which I also never experienced). The text issue I’d mentioned in my review has been resolved. Text now saves as it previews in the app.

Unfortunately, the new update introduces a new bug where images preview correctly but rotate 90° when saved. I notified the developer and within minutes, they fixed the issue and a new update has already been submitted.

I still love the app and it’s very commendable that the developer got to the fix so quickly. But, I recommend you hold off purchasing or updating the app until the new update is released.

If you’ve already updated the app and want to revert back to version 2.0, you might be in luck. Read our classic post on how to reinstall older versions of apps on your iPhone or iPad.