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Part 1.3 update released. Adds new Photo Mosaic mode.

Part, modernist app for iPhonePart creates very abstract works based on geometric components — parts. You can leave some parts big and others can be broken down and isolated into more recognizable shapes. With the right photos, the result can be some pretty interesting abstracts.

The 1.3 update is out now with an exciting new feature. Also, Life In LoFi has teamed up with the app’s developer, MEA Mobile for a special promotion. Part is FREE today only, September 6, 2012. If you don’t have it, grab it now. The App Store link is after the jump. >>>

Part 1.3 screenshot showing the new Photo Mosaic tool

I’ve reviewed Part here and talked about its updates. I really like the app and have seen some artistic, photographic works created with it.

The big feature of this update is the new Photo Mosaic mode. Similar to the works of artist Robert Silvers, Part now has a new tool which lets you use the contents of any photo album on your iPhone to fill out an image. It also lets you select individual images within those albums. The new feature is part of of the app’s standard configuration and is unlocked for free after three image shares or saves.

The new Photo Mosaic mode is very cool and does a great job of building impressive-looking photos built with other photos in seconds. Depending on the size and makeup of the photo album you choose, it can be very good at applying images in the mosaic which are the correct color. Larger photo albums take a few seconds to process, but it had no problems using my Camera Roll and its over 2,700 images. See the sample images in the gallery below.

In the toolbar, simply choose the Photo Mosaic tool, instead of the part tool. The new feature works with both the tap and finger swipe gestures.

There are a few new Part paks available as an in-app purchase of $0.99 each — Cube Combo, Letter Mirrors, Robot Faces and more. The new paks add some optional new geometric shapes and icons and look pretty usable. There’s also a new additional Part Pack of ten that can be unlocked after three shares or saves.

The app supports nearly full device resolution of 3264×2176 pixels output. By email, you can also send your works as a PDF which are scalable to much larger sizes.

Part does not support EXIF data and strips out Geotags. It also still has problems with square format images. In my tests, it cut off two of the sides of the image. Given its slightly narrower aspect ratio, this is a big chunk of the image. It’s definitely a creative limitation.

Part is FREE for One Day Only Two Days Only!

Part is $1.99 and this version is a free update if you already have the app. If you don’t, Life In LoFi have teamed up with MEA Mobile for a special, very limited time promotion. Due to the great response we’ve had with this promotion, it’s being extended and Part can be downloaded for FREE through Friday, September 7, 2012. Grab this great, modernist app now before midnight US Eastern Time tonight.

Part is a Universal app and also looks really awesome on an iPad.

Part™ - MEA Mobile


Free app promos are great, even better when they’re a very cool app like Part. Please share this post on Facebook and Twitter so your friends can save two bucks also. Thanks!



Part, photo mosaic sample


UPDATE: Added a bit about EXIF data and square format images that I forgot to include when originally posting this.