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distressed fxFriday afternoon is not the best time to release a photo app. Everyone has weekend on their mind. Often, new and noteworthy apps may get overlooked.

Distressed FX is one such app. It won’t revolutionize iPhoneography, but it’s an easy to use photo app to add a selection of color and texture effects to an image. The end result are overall good looking moody effects.

Distressed FX is FREE for launch. I’ve got more info and an App Store link after the jump. >>>

distressed fx screenshot iphone 5

Distressed FX is powered by the textures of Cheryl Tarrant, a texture artist from Tennessee. The app features dozens of separate color effects and texture overlays that you can easily combine. There are over 350 possible combinations altogether.

There is an easy to use tilt shift tool with both round and linear blurs. Everything about the app is easy to use. All filters and textures are one-click easy, making the app a good choice for some quick effects.

Overall, I found the color effects and textures to be very good. I like the color and texture effects in Distressed FX better than those in 100 Cameras in One, an app that comes to mind as having similar effects. Effects aren’t as “industrial” as many of the grunge effects apps. There were very few filters and textures that I didn’t like. Overall, they’re all very usable. Color combinations are mostly somber. Textures are mostly present, sometimes heavy, but more organic and less “urban.” It’s easy enough to find a good combination that works with an image.

Social media sharing is limited to Facebook and Twitter in this first version. More options are planned for future updates.

The app is square format only. There are no frames in the launch version and no mention of them coming in an update. The app saves in high-ish resolution of up to about 1800×1800 pixels on an iPhone 5 and 4S — between 2.5 and 3 MP. It strips out all EXIF info including location data.


Distressed FX FREE For Launch

Distressed FX is free for a limited time for its launch. No word on pricing info after that. Grab this one now. This one’s not a great app, but it’s a good one for creating good looking, lo-fi effects.


Distressed FX is now $0.99 in the App Store.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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