The deadline for submissions is approaching for the Second Annual Mobile Photo Awards, also known as The MPAs. Submissions will be accepted for the various categories through tomorrow today, Saturday, December 15, 2012.

I am one of the judges in this year’s competition, along with many other notables in the iPhonegraphy field.

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I’ll be judging the Architecture & Design category of the MPAs this year. I’m very pleased and honored to be in the panel alongside other notables in iPhoneographic and photographic circles, including Andy Royston, Robert-Paul Jansen, Dixon Hamby, Jack Hollingsworth, Jeff Alu, Nettie Edwards, Street Photographer Eric Kim, Kimberly Post Rowe, Emily Rose,’s Daria Polichetti, Edi Caves,’s Brad Puet and several others. It’s an impressive, well-respected panel of artists and journalists on this year’s panel. Several of this year’s judges are commercial photographers who understand and have embraced iPhoneography. Others have curated important exhibits of their own. For a complete list of the jury please visit

This year, a Grand Prize of $3,000 will be awarded to the MPA Photographer of the Year, making the MPA award the biggest of its kind. The competition was designed to celebrate and focus attention on the explosive growth of mobile-phone photography and art. The winning 23 entries and runners-up, will again be part of a gallery and exhibit tour. Hot on the heels of the success of the Spring MPA 2012 shows in San Francisco and Los Angeles, the second edition of the MPA will also bring nearly 60 images to galleries in the USA and Canada with more to announced.

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Submissions end at midnight tomorrow tonight. Contest entries can be submitted here.