huemore for iphoneography

Huemore sample image with “Warm” really cranked up

UPDATE: Huemore has just hit the App Store. It’s $1.99. Here’s the App Store link. I’ll have a full review and more soon. |

huemore-icon-tempIf you’re wondering what a color camera app would look like if it were made by Curious Satellite, the creators of Hueless, that would be Huemore.

Huemore is coming soon and it’s as nice to shoot with as its excellent black & white sibling. I got to spend some time with the app during beta testing. Keep reading for an exclusive preview of this new camera app. >>>


Hueless, in my opinion, is the best black-and-white camera app available for iPhone. It has a great user interface and a powerful set of tools that doesn’t get in the way of the shot. It’s a simple, fast, and elegant camera. It’s a fast and easy way to take beautiful looking black-and-white photographs.

When I heard Curious Satellite were developing a color app for iPhone, I didn’t know what to expect. Would it be a color shooter? Would it be a color gel style app?

What Curious Satellite have done with this new app is take the outstanding user interface of Hueless and adapt its tools to the color shooting space. The result is a slick color camera app that gives the photographer a lot of control over the image before it gets in camera.

Like its older sibling app, Huemore shares the same user interface. If you have one app, you’ll feel right at home in the other.

Huemore has contrast, exposure, and gamma adjustments in camera. Color Saturation can be adjusted via a slider in the viewfinder as well. In addition, the app has all of the tools and features that make Hueless such a pleasure to shoot with.

It comes with several presets to quickly adjust the color temperature of the image either warmer or cooler. The app also gives you complete color control for more extreme, overall color gel-style shooting if you desire. It’s also fast and responsive.

I’ll have my full review of the app later this week when the Huemore hits the App Store later this week. Until then, here are some screenshots and previews from Huemore.

I really like the app. It’s a simple, versatile color camera app and slick environment to shoot in.







Huemore, warm preset

Huemore, cool preset

Huemore, cool preset