App Store photo app updates, iPhone

Oggl gets a new name (sort of). Instagram gets landscape support. Popsicolor gets a couple of great new effects. Classic Toy gets a huge makeover. It’s been a busy week for iPhone photo app updates and there have been a number of big ones. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Hipstamatic and Oggl

The big news this week is from the Haus of Hipstamatic. Both of their flagship apps got updates that finally allow you to transfer your previously purchased HipstaPaks from Hipstamatic to Oggl (now called Hipstamatic Oggl in the App Store). This is great for users who don’t subscribe to one of the Oggl plans. Oggl subscribers already have access to Hipstamatic’s lens and film vaults. Also this week, Oggl users got the brand new Brighton HipstaPak with the Doris lens and the Sussex film. The combination is an excellent summer pak, adding warmth and faded nostalgia to your images. The film also adds a nice black border and subtle bits of grit, dust and noise. Days later, Hipstamatic Classic users are still waiting….

Hipstamatic is $1.99 with plenty of IAPs. ( )

Oggl is a free download with two levels of in-app subscriptions available. ( )


The new Instagram update adds one of those “what took so long?” features. The app now supports shooting stills and video in landscape position. Hold your iPhone sideways and the user interface rotates nicely. This update now also lets you shoot video with the iPhone’s front camera. Yesterday, #ducklips was the number one tag on Instagram </sarcasm>. Still no timeline on the ability to import videos from your camera roll. ( )


Popsicolor is one of the most fun, unique photo apps in the App Store. It’s creates colorful, textured effects that are part watercolor, part Pop-art. The latest update adds great new effects — “Inktensity” and “White Ink.” ( )


ClassicTOY is one of iPhoneography’s oldest toy camera apps. It features the great selection of misskiwi analog and LOMO film recreations, as well as some new lo-fi effects added over the years. Version 9 gets a couple of new films, which are more like updates and tweaks to previous films. The development engine has been enhanced and the user interface gets an overhaul. ClassicTOY is back to being less viewfinder-like and more camera-like, which I like a lot. ClassicTOY is free and comes with plenty of films and lenses to try out. There’s a $1.99 in-app purchase to unlock everything. ( )

Analog Camera

Analog Camera is the super-easy, square format camera app from RealMac that offers one of the smoothest shooting experiences for iPhone. It’s not for everyone, but for a quick, easy way to shoot and share snapshots, this is worth a look. The latest update adds full square format resolution support. ( )


Repix is the real-time editing app that let’s you paint in and layer effects. It’s got a broad range of effects, many of them are great looking, but fairly uncommon effects. The new 1.4 update adds even more effects brushes and more frames. Repix is a free download with a $5.99 IAP that unlocks all of the brushes, effects and frames. ( )


ProCam is a very good camera replacement app with a great set of in-app tools. The developer is very receptive to suggestions and is constantly adding new features, making this one of the top camera replacement apps currently available. The latest update adds improved funtionality and features a ompletely revamped photo viewer with thumbnail view and support for pinch zoom and auto orientation rotation. ProCam now has Instagram sharing. It also now has AirPrint support, copy to clipboard, and assign to contact. ProCam is on sale for a limited time for $0.99. ( )


Procreate for iPad is a high-end painting and sketching app for iPad. It’s based on natural media, brushes and paints and there are iPhone artists using this app to create works of art that are amazeballs. The new 1.8 update is out and it’s so comprehensive, I’m not even going to try and sum it up here — you get the whole update description below. Honestly, I’m surprised that this is just a dot-oh update. Procreate is $4.99 in the App Store and is iPad-only. ( )

What’s New in Procreate Version 1.8

• Freehand selection tool
– Freehand selection and point to point polygon selection
– Add to selection
– Subtract from selection
– Invert selection
– Select layer contents
– Clear Selection
– Recall last selection
– Adjust selection mask visibility

• Copy & Paste system
– Drag three fingers down to reveal copy & paste dialogue
– Cut anything
– Copy anything
– Paste from clipboard

• Painting & brush improvements
– Brush sets now remember current brush
– Better short stroke handling
– Saved brush settings when backgrounding
– Brush cursor option
– Fit to interface option
– Rotate brush source images
– Tap brush source to invert image
– Added brush size & opacity Jitter
– Added brush Charge

• Transform improvements
– Vastly Improved transform magnetics
– Improved transform interpolation
– Improved transform nodes
– Nudge an transformation, by tapping outside the bounding box

• New Create Canvas interface
– New 1080p preset
– New A4 300dpi preset
– Create new artwork from clipboard
– Import from .procreate files from iTunes

• Improved experiences
– Many of improved interface animations
– A ton of performance improvements
– Colour palette now remembers hue & saturation if set to black
– Re-designed actions menu
– Re-designed and Stylus connection method
– Refined fit to canvas gesture
– Improved interpolation for gallery thumbnails
– Improved layer thumb background
– Quick pinch up (Zoom memory)
– Improved Flip canvas UX
– Canvas metadata for dimensions and file size
– Jot Touch 4 Support
– Exported files no longer have crazy-long file names
– Bug fixes and stability improvements