Over, text app for iPhone photos

We recently gave away copies of Over for iPhone and iPad, a funky little app that lets you add text and artwork to your photos and share them. It’s one of the easier text overlay apps available and it’s got one of the coolest sets of fonts available in the App Store.

Over was just updated. It’s not a major update except it’s now got a bunch of additional free fonts and artwork. What’s the catch? You have to download it before Monday, July 15. After that, it’ll set you back a buck a pack. Keep reading and save a fiver. >>>

over, text overlay, iPhoneOver has a slick, easy to use interface. The app comes standard with over 30 fonts and for a buck you can unlock a lot more. The standard selection of fonts is actually very good and there’s a wide variety of traditional typefaces, scripts, hands, and fun fonts. Hidden a couple of menus deep are some typographic tools which let you set better looking type.

The new update comes with five new downloadable font and art packs. You can download them for FREE until Monday, July 15.

The new packs include a Birthday pack with 26 hand-drawn style birthday greetings, the Fresh Exchange pack with a world traveler feel, and the geometric Awesomebrosa font. The new Goon art pack has some funky hand drawn styled elements and flourishes for you to embellish your photos with digital flair. If you haven’t cracked open the app for a while, there are some other freebies to grab as well.

You’ll have to download each one, one at a time. Got to the “Add” menu. Select “Add Art.” Download. Repeat.

The rest of this update is mainly just in-app help cue improvements.

Over saves up to 4.2 MB images in square format — 2048 x 2048 pixels. It saves standard format images at 2048 x 1536 pixels or 3.1 MB.

Over doesn’t set type on a path or let you rotate lines of text, but for straightforward adding a quick note, greeting or message to an photo, it’s got one of the funkiest collection of fonts and artwork you’ll see in this type of app.

Over is usually $1.99 in the App Store. If you grab it now, it’s free as well for a very limited time. Over is a Universal app designed for both iPhone and iPad.

App Store link: Over – Over