Misho Baranovic, ProCamera, 50 iPhone photo tips

Photo courtesy of Misho Baranovic and ProCamera blog

Misho Baranovic is the author of the book “iPhone Photography: How to Shoot, Edit and Share Great Photos”. Read my review of his book here. One of the things that I love about the book is that it gives you insights, education, techniques and philosophies on taking better photos. It’s still a good app book, but it’s a better virtual classroom on the whys of photography. It’s like getting in the head of some of the best mobile photographers shooting today.

He shares his shingle here on Life In LoFi along with a regular gig on the ProCamera blog. His latest post is a great read called “50 Things I Have Learned about Mobile Photography (and iPhone Photography)”. It’s written to read quick and there’s some great photography advice in the post.

Inspired by photographer Eric Kim’s iconic “100 Things I’ve Learned about Photography” article — an excellent read for all photographers, regardless of device, Misho made his own list of 50 for iPhone photography.

Some of my favorites include:

3. Taking a photo is much more fun than liking a photo.

5. Not all photos have to be square – think outside the Instagram box.

8. A good mobile photograph is a good photograph.  Don’t be afraid to call yourself a photographer.

11. Zoom with your feet not with your phone. (I preach this one here often. =M=)

22. Turn on Airplane mode for distraction free shooting.

31. Great photographers don’t care what you shoot with.  They respect vision not tools.

43. Online friends can and do become real life friends.

His list is filled with great tips and a few laughs. Read his complete post “50 Things I Have Learned about Mobile Photography” here.