App Store photo app updates, iPhone

Mextures, EXIF-fi, and Over… otherwise, a light week for major photo app updates. My guess is that the summer heat has sapped people’s will to live. Hopefully, things will pick up when the A/C kicks in.

Apologies for the strange intro. Best I’ve got for a light week. Let’s go see what hit the App Store this week.


Mextures is an outstanding texture overlay app developed by photographer Merek Davis. This app pretty much gets everything right — the look of the textures, blend modes, the interface, output resolution. It’s the complete package. With this week’s, the app now now retains EXIF data when exported. There’s a new Summer Formula Pack full of 9 subtle, soft and warm preset edits, as well as a new Guest Formula Pack.

Mextures is $1.99. This weekend, we’ve got some copies to give away. You can find out how here. ( )


An add type to your photo app, TitleFx was updated this week. It’s developed by East Coast Pixels who also make the great photo editor, PhotoToaster. The app comes with over 50 fonts, 200 symbols, 30 effects and more. The last two updates add some good feature upgrades to this app. There’s now a transparency control, which is great for creating creative text layouts but also for watermarking. There’s a crop editor, so you can crop square for Instagram. You can save your own default starting state, which is perfect for water marking or saving a preferred layout. New fonts, new effects and improved JPG quality. A big couple of updates.

Title Fx is $1.99 ( )


I like EXIF-fi because it’s an easy way to edit or add EXIF data and Geotags to your photos. It comes in extremely handy after using one of the many photo apps that strip out EXIF and location data. The new update let’s you load a PNG which does not support EXIF and export to JPEG with modified EXIF. There’s now a shortcut +© for easy copyright symbol input.

I’ve reviewed EXIF-fi in the past. It’s a $0.99 app. ( )


Over is a slick app that lets you add type to your images. Even without in-app purchases, it’s got a good selection of standard fonts. The best part about this weekend’s Over update will be over in a say or so. The new update adds a bunch of font and symbol packs. Many of them are free this weekend, but will go to a buck a piece on Monday, July 15, 2013.

Over is normally $1.99 in the App Store. ( )