hipstmatic, oggl, blackeys, film extra fine, long island

It’s First Friday and we’ve got a new Hipstamatic film. The Long Island FreePak is now available in Hipsta Classic! It contains the BlacKeys Extra Fine film and the Old Sport case. The new film is also now available in Hipstamatic Oggl. Grab now!

hipstamatic, oggl, long island, new pak

The new pak is available for download in your Hipstamart. BlacKeys Extra Fine (XF) is a very nice, borderless black & white film with rich contrast, a bit of grain, and some nice anomalies — almost burns, if you will. I think it’s one of the best films to be released by Hipstamatic in a while.

Hipstamatic Classic users also get a bonus. We finally get a new case for the app. It’s a great looking classic Art Deco style case with “aged leather and bronze inlays.” It’s not available for Oggl users.

The pak is free for HipstaClassic users and comes as part of the subscription for Oggl users. You’ll need to install it from your Oggl gear to use the new film.

The new pak is worth the download. Samples below.