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KitCam and PhotoForge2 are the two excellent apps that were discontinued when Yahoo! purchased their developer Ghostbird Software. If you are one of the fortunate ones who purchased KitCam before it disappeared from the App Store, right now you can get all of the premium add-on packs free.

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UPDATE 08.02.13 01: Several users are saying that this freebie no longer works. It may have been a glitch that was finally caught and fixed. If you try to get unlock these packs, please let us know in the comments below whether or not it still worked for you. Thanks! =M=

kitcamI stumbled across this tip from LadyStarGazr over on the iMore forums.

This great giveaway include all of the available packs, including the Fancy Lens Pack and the very nice Film Noir Pack. Simply hit the Buy It button on screen and you will be asked if you want to get the pack for free. I wasn’t even asked for my App Store login.

This works even if you’ve deleted KitCam from your iPhone and reinstall it using an iTunes or App Store restore. TIP: Easily reinstall KitCam (or any other app you’ve purchased) using your App Store app. Go to the Updates window and select “Purchased” at the top of the screen. For easier sorting, select “Not on This iPhone.” Download from the cloud and boosh! you’re good.

If you had not previously purchased KitCam, you’re still out of luck. The app is still unavailable for new purchases in the App Store.