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The Muku Shuttr is a remote shutter release for iPhone and Samsung mobile phone devices. It’s a Kickstarter project that was fully funded within days of it’s starting. We talked about the Muku Shuttr Kickstarter a while back.

It’s been a good year for iPhone Camera accessories and the Shuttr is definitely one of the highlights. The Shuttr neatly solves the age-old problem of getting into your own iPhoneography. There are other remote shutter release gizmos available for iPhone. I think none of them are as slick as the Shuttr. Keep reading for more. >>>>

The Shuttr is a new remote shutter release that works with any iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. It connects with your device with a Bluetooth connection. Once paired, you can prop up your iPhone, step away from it, and easily get into your own picture. It’s that simple.

On an iPhone, the Shuttr works with any camera app that supports Volume Shutter — Camera, Camera+, Hipstamatic, and others. It discreetely works as a shutter release in both still and video modes. One of the many cool things about the Shuttr is that it requires no special apps, no utilities, no hacks to work. Nice.

muku, shuttr, muku labs, iPhone, shutter release

What you get in the Muku Shuttr kit

The device itself is made of plastic and is small, lightweight, and not much bigger than one of those supermarket loyalty keychain fobs. In fact, it’s even got a convenient eyelet allowing you to attach it to your keychain so it’s with you wherever you go. It reminds me of an old iPod shuffle and it’s built about as sturdy.

The kit comes with a rubber, suction cup, ball-shaped monopod thing that props up your phone which lets you step away to get into the picture. It’s lightweight, easy to mount, stays on long enough to get your shot, and doesn’t leave goo on your iPhone screen.

The Shuttr is quick and easy. It pairs to your iPhone like any other Bluetooth device. Even when you power off both your iPhone, the Shuttr stays connected to your phone until you pair it with another device. Re-pairing is as fast and easy as a click or two.

The Shuttr is extremely handy for self-portraits or simply to get into your own picture. You can use it every day as a remote shutter release to help minimize camera Shake for steadier, clearer shots.

The bluetooth connection on the Shuttr works with more distance than you’ll need. I tested mine out to about 60 feet and it works great. Any greater than that, and someone will steal your iPhone.

Can you use the Shuttr with wall separating you and your iPhone? Yes. I was able to trigger my shutter from at least two rooms away in the house. Don’t do that, though. It’s unethical and pervy.

There is not much not to like about the Shuttr. The eyelet is a little small and won’t fit on many keychains (including mine). There are two switches on the sides of the Shuttr – an Android/iPhone switch and a power on/off switch. I wish they were labeled. Eventually through repetition I’ll remember which ones are which. But if I handed the Shuttr to someone who doesn’t have the device, there’s a good chance this lack of labeling would cause confusion. Both are minor quibbles.

I really like the Shuttr a lot. It’s small. It’s easy to use. It solves the problem of getting in your own pictures and so much more. I think it’s one of the more essential photo accessories for iPhone and other mobile devices.

The Shuttr is available in black, white and red colors. It’s now available for pre-order from the Muku website for $39. I highly recommend this handy little device.

The Shuttr works on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch with a Bluetooth connection and a camera. It also works on Samsung S4, S3, Notes 2, Notes 10.1, Nexus 4 and 7 Android devices.

Link: Muku Shuttr website