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iPhone 6 Plus test photo, courtesy of Austin Mann

Professional photographer Austin Mann, in partnership with The Verge, took the new iPhone 6 Plus out for a test drive, comparing the iPHone 6 Plus, 6, and 5S models. He tested all of the camera’s features, including stills, color, low-light capabilities, video and more. By now, we know the hardware works, but really the proof is in the pictures.

Although I made the choice to stick with my iPhone 5S for at least a few months, I’ve now kinda got a case of camera-envy since the iPhone6 Plus hit the streets. On one hand, I don’t relish the thought of trying to holster an iPad Micro into the pockets of my pants. On the other hand, the camera of the iPhone 6 Plus has some realllllly nice features that make it a compelling upgrade even for a 5S owner.

Friends of mine have been sharing some of their photos taken with the new 6 Plus and I really like the clarity and dynamic range of the new camera. And the new Phase detection auto-focus (PDAF), which improves both focus speed and accuracy seems to be everything we were sold.

The landscape of Iceland is breathtaking on its own. The iPhone 6 Plus does an impressive job of photographing this spectacular terrain. I was particularly impressed by how well the 6 Plus holds detail in shadows and extreme low light conditions.

See how the new iPhone 6 Plus camera stacks up. Call me impressed. Read all of Austin’s excellent story here.


iphone 6, iphone 6 plus, austin mann, iphoneography, iceland