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We get questions. One of them is ProCamera 8 vs Camera+ vs ProCam 2 — which one is the best camera replacement app? All three are great apps. The answer is “what’s the best camera app for your workflow?” And you may find that you use more than one and the one you choose is a matter of preference.

ProCam 2 (not to be confused with ProCamera 8 by Cocologic) has just been updated. There are a few new features and big changes for users who’ve purchased the in-app filter presets. Read on for more.

ProCam 2 has been a solid camera replacement for some time. It’s often overshadowed by other camera replacement apps, but it has an excellent feature set and even a few nice touches that the others don’t have.

As with all of the high-end camera replacements, ProCam 2 has manual override control of focus, shutter speed, and ISO. It also features focus, exposure, and white balance locks. The onscreen controls are snappy and intuitive.

The hideaway heads up display lets you adjust other often-used options on the fly, then gets out of your way to let you shoot.

If your workflow leans toward in-shot apping, there’s a selection of standard and optional filters and effects that you can apply as you shoot.

Other touches include a level mode to help get straight images in camera, Anti-Shake which delays the shutter release until your hand is steady, and Sound Snap which fires the shutter from a distance through high pitch sounds like a clap or a whistle. I always like the Big Button shutter release — it makes taking selfies with the rear camera much easier.

One of my biggest complaints about ProCam 2 in older versions was the fact that it’s a slow shooter. The recent addition of a separate Burst Mode addresses this issue. While not as fast as Apple Camera’s Burst Mode, you can still fire off several shots per second.

If you’ve purchased The Urban Collection set of preset filters, the new 5.2 update changes the way filter purchases are made going forward. The new Master Collection unlocks all current and future premium filter presets. If you’ve previously purchased The Urban Collection, you are automatically upgraded to The Master Collection. As more premium filter packs are added, the price (and the value) of The Master Collection will increase accordingly.

Here are the rest of the new features of the ProCam 5.2 update:

Persistent manual controls:
– When this option is turned on, the previous manual settings will be applied every time manual controls are initiated.
– Accessed under the PHOTO tab in the SET menu.

The Elemental Collection
Includes 10 filters designed to emphasize the primary essence of natural settings. From desaturated and faded to vivid yet subtle, this collection is ideal for atmospheric compositions.

Added the ability to edit the Favorites filter category. Long press to edit. Drag to rearrange. Press the delete button to remove.

Bug fixes and performance enhancements:
– The shooting modes menu is now automatically dismissed after a mode is selected.
– When front camera flash is on, brightness is automatically increased to 100% when flash is triggered and then reset back to default.
– A number of bug fixes.

ProCam 2 is currently discounted to $2.99 USD.


App Store link: ProCam 2 – Camera and Photo / Video Editor – Samer Azzam