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Light Leaker, sample image

LightLeaker is our App of the Day. It’s on sale right now for a limited time for only $0.99, down a couple bucks from its regular price of $3.99. That’s a big savings of $3.

LightLeaker let you add potentially thousands of light leak combinations to your pics. For great lo-fi photography, it’s tough to beat a good light leak to add a finishing touch to an image. When I shot film, I thought accidental light leaks ruined many a photo for me. Now, I think intentional light leaks can complete a great lo-fi photo.

There are several photo apps that add some nice light leak effects. Light Leaker is still one of the best light leak photo apps available in the App Store. You can read my review of LightLeaker here.

Several of its sibling apps are on sale for a buck each as well, including HarrisCamera and SubtleColor. Both are also great apps. In fact, LightLeaker got the App of the Day nod over HarrisCamera simply because I felt LightLeaker would appeal to a larger audience. I love HarrisCamera and all three apps are worth checking out.

LightLeaker App Store link: LightLeaker – Shota Nakagami



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