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iPhotographer Magazine is now accepting entries for their July issue cover contest. The winning image gets a $500 payout, as well as the cover photo. The Preview Issue has already been submitted to the Apple Newsstand and should be approved soon. More info and a discount code after the jump.

The theme for the first cover contest, the July Issue is WATER. Think summertime beaches, pools, rivers, and lakes.

The iPhotographer Magazine press release included ideas such as shots of the seaside or an afternoon spent on a boat, children splashing in the wading pool, treasures found walking along the beach, or a pier disappearing into the horizon. Waves, pool parties, rivers and lakes, piers and boats, boardwalk nightlife, sails billowing in the wind, bikinis, kites, clouds, the sea, sun worshipers… anything to do with SUMMER and WATER.

  • Submission cost is $6 for three photos.
    The submission period opens May 1, 2015 and runs to June 15.
  • First Place gets $500 plus the cover of the issue.
  • The Second Place prize is a hand-painted painting on canvas of your winning entry, approx. 18″x24″ from Pixeli.st.
  • The Third Place prize is a signed copy of David Scott Leibowitz’s great book, Mobile Digital Art.
  • Twenty-four runner-ups will be featured in a gallery in the magazine. Your photos will link to your website, Instagram, or Flickr feed (wherever the winners want).

Enter here and get $1.00 off the Submission fee

Life In LoFi readers can save $1.00 off the submission fee. To submit 3 photos for $5, apply this Coupon Code when checking out: ipm_lofi_water

Click here to enter.

Then follow the instructions here: www.iphotographer-magazine.com/submit-images-to-contest

iPhotographer Magazine

The magazine is a new collaboration between Rolling Stone magazine photographer Baron Wolman and Pixels publisher Knox Bronson. It’s been in the works for several months and will feature galleries, tutorials, and insights from many key names in the world of mobile photography.

The magazine will be published bi-monthly for both iPad and iPhone. The theme for their September issue is “Animals.” The November theme is “Country Life.” Contests for the covers of these issues will be held as well.

For more information on iPhotographer Magazine, check their website.

iphotographer, magazine, instagram, mobile photography, street photography

Cover, iPhotographer Magazine’s Preview Issue