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Fyuse (free) is not the first app to animate stills and make 360 degree photos, but it sure is the slickest and the easiest.


Fyuse calls what it does ‘spatial photography’ and the term covers it pretty well. Take a photo, and while holding down the big red button on screen you can pan or rotate left or right around your subject. You can make a 360, giving you pretty spectacular looking selfies or photos of objects. I immediately thought how nice this would be capturing art like statues or pottery.

Some similar apps need to view the photo in the same app, but happily Fyuse creates a movie which can be sent to anyone or viewed on the web. The app has a social component that lets you post your photos to others. Or keep them private, and, if you want, you can share to a circle of friends via Facebook and Twitter.

When you look at your photo on your phone using the Fyuse app, the display is tied to your iPhone sensors, so as you move your phone the photo perspective changes. It’s very nicely done. Friends can also view the interactive photos if they use the app too.

After you create your photo, it takes a couple of seconds to render it. Then you are free to share it, save to your camera roll and then send it on to others later. Your photos can be tagged, and if you make it public it will be easy to find with the tags, and you can find other people’s masterworks too.

You can create online galleries to share with others. And photos can be posted to the web.

The app is ad free, and I expect the developers are trying to build a large group of users and followers and transition to some plan that will make some money. The app privacy policy is solid, and the people behind Fyuse appear to want to protect your privacy. Nothing is disclosed to 3rd parties, except under a law enforcement order. I think the major caution should be taken by users. Don’t post anything that you might later regret. There’s a slider that lets you make your photo public or not.

Fyuse is a very well written app. Help is built in, but most people probably won’t need it. Take a photo, and start moving to create the depth. As the photo renders you’ll see a latticework of points overlaid on your photo to show hoe the app is calculating the geometry.

Think of Fyuse as sort an a quick and easy animated GIF creator, but the results are better and your have more flexibility. you can even edit by trimming the beginning and end. Your animated photos can also be saved as a standard video, playable through QuickTime. The video repeats a few times, then stops.

Image size is not altered by the process, although videos utilize compression, just like other iPhone original videos.

These kinds of interactive photos can give your images a lot more punch and the interactivity built in works really well. The app doesn’t record sound, and I’m not sure how it could be implemented, given the kind of media we’re dealing with. Maybe a background sound track for nature photos or crowd sounds at an event.

Fyuse requires iOS 7 or later, and it’s optimized for the iPhone 5, 6 and 6 Plus. This has all the potential to become a very popular app. It’s easy to use, and the results look good. People will appreciate seeing photos presented this way. At free, it is worth a try to see if it resonates with your own style of picture taking and sharing.


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App Store link: Fyuse – Fyusion

– Mel Martin


Fyuse 2.0.5

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Slick & Easy

Not the first app to animate stills and make 360 degree photos, but it sure is the slickest and the easiest, and the results look good.

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