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I’ll put that in my ‘best news of the week file’. The excellent photo editor Pixelmator will be coming to the iPhone shortly, and that is good news for those who want to do serious editing when they are out and about.


From the Pixelmator blog:

“If you don’t own Pixelmator for iPad yet, now is the best time to get it — not only because Pixelmator for iPad is on sale now (50% off), but also because all Pixelmator for iPad owners will automatically get Pixelmator for iPhone as soon as it is out. Just like that.

“Yup, Pixelmator is a universal app and works seamlessly on iPhone and iPad alike.”

In my recent review of Pixelmator for iPad my headline said “iPhone version needed” and that is about to happen. The iPhone version will share all the features of the iPad version, and it will add a few new features like distort tools powered by Apple’s Metal technology, something Apple devised for games for fast processing and rich graphics.

The iPhone version will have the things that made Pixelmator for iPad so attractive, including powerful retouch tools, similar to Adobe’s content-aware fill. Also on board are paint and erase, precise color adjustments, non-destructive layers, reflections, 19 text styles, templates for collages, posters, and filters for faded film, aged photos and much more.

For import the iPhone version will support Photoshop files with layers JPEG and PNG. Images can be sent to the iCloud drive in the same formats, and the app supports image sizes up to 4096×4096.

The app also supports grabbing images from the iPhone camera directly for further editing.

A Sneak Peek at the blazing-fast, Metal-based Distort tools in Pixelmator for iPhone from Pixelmator Team on Vimeo.

It seemed like doing an iPhone version of Pixelmator was a pretty obvious move but the company had remained silent about a new version. Now that the cat is out of the bag the Pixelmator app for iPad is 50% off for awhile at $4.99, and people who buy or already own Pixelmator for iPad will get the iPhone version for free. The new version is universal. We’ve made Pixelmator the app of the day today.

Those are the details we have so far, but I think the release is pretty close. Pixelmator will need iOS 8.1 or later to run, and supports several different languages in addition to English.

Pixelmator is poised to become one of the strongest editors on the iPhone, and it’s good news for all iPhoneographers. It’s a lot of power, and with the half-off sale, a great price.

I’m looking forward to the release, and will have a review as soon as I have it.


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App Store link: Pixelmator for iPad – Pixelmator Team

– Mel Martin