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Photo courtesy of AppleInsider

Although the iPhone and photography went nearly unmentioned in Monday’s Apple WWDC Keynote Address 2015, a little bit of news has leaked about some minor tweaks to Apple’s Camera app in iOS 9. Looks like someone broke an NDA….

Tuesday, AppleInsider shared a few more details, tidbits and screenshots of new features promised in iOS 9. Among them, minor Apple Camera app interface tweaks.

There’s not much. Here’s the entire mention:

The Camera app has seen some attention with new, simplified iconography. Labels have been abandoned in favor of stylized glyphs — “HDR Off” in iOS 8 simply becomes “HDR” with a slash through it, for instance.

Another minor interface change is that the HDR and Auto-Timer icons have been flipped, with HDR now sitting next to the front camera toggle in the menu bar.

It’s a minor change that makes a lot of sense. From a design standpoint, there are very few ways that visually and universally say “off” like a slash through it. It’s a detail that I’m surprised they didn’t change sooner.

The rest of the article talks about changes to Safari, Reminders, and the new Find My Friends widget. It’s short, but helps to start building a bigger picture of the new iOS update.

So far, it doesn’t look like Camera or Photos will get anywhere near the same amount of attention or changes that they did in the last two major iOS updates. If we hear of anyone else publicly breaking their non-disclosure agreements, we’ll share it here.

iOS 9 will be available this fall and will support every device iOS 8 currently does. Nice.

I’m liking everything I’m hearing about both iOS 9 and the upcoming Mac OS update, El Capitan. There just don’t seem to be very many iPhoneography-related software changes coming. I guess Apple is saving the big photo bombshell for the new hardware, right…?



Via AppleInsider