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@LifeInLoFi’s new Instagram profile page

What happened to the Instagram website?

The Instagram web interface is getting a makeover and the new user interface has rolling out to users this week. The new UI eliminates what little clutter was in the already-uncluttered interface.

The rotating images in the header have been replaced with a simple, static, bio-style header with a plain background.

Photos are now presented larger and in rows of 3. Previously. Your Instagrams were displayed in rows of 5.

The new Web interface is a flat, responsive design-ish. The header collapses to fit your device, and the photos in your feed reduce to thumbnails but still maintain a three-across layout. My guess is that you don’t really need much of a responsive mobile interface because odds are the Instagram app is already installed on your device. Textures and other flair have been removed, colors muted, contrast gone. Overall, the new design is very flat and minimal.

Functionally, not much has been added. If you’re logged in on your computer, you can still follow other Instagrammers from their profile. That’s been a very handy feature and I’m glad that it’s untouched. A few tweaks have been made to your photo viewer. You still cannot edit your own comments on the web, but now it’s easier to delete comments.

Still no search tool in Instagram itself. To search tags and other criteria, you’ll need to use one of the clunky third-party Instagram search websites.

instagram, web inteface, web profile, web ui, user intervace

Instagram’s previous web profile

I actually do a lot in Instagram’s web interface. For me, it’s easier to comment on a real keyboard than the iPhone’s tiny one, so I’m in the web interface regularly. I liked the look of the old interface. I thought the photo header added personality to your Instagram profile. I thought the feed worked fine and didn’t mind that it was four or five across. What’s left now is lean and lightweight, but it also looks incomplete and like a bad free WordPress theme. I’m all for a good, modern makeover, but as a designer in my day job, I think this was an unneccessary makeover. Basically, Instagram removed what little fun the web interface had and didn’t replace it with any new worthwhile tools. What’s left behind is a pretty good reason to use the Instagram app.


I’m underwhelmed with the makeover. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.


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