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The long-awaited Hipstamatic 300 is about a month away from release. The app has been extensively beta tested for several months and is just about ready for prime time. Hipstamatic’s developers have released a video that doesn’t give anything away about the new app but if you look closely,  may give you some clues about some of the update’s new features.

Ever since its release years ago, one of the things that HipstaFiends have loved about Hipstamatic is that you have to know and choose your film and lens combinations before you shoot (or shoot in the wonderful shake-to-randomize mode). It’s also one of the things that many Hipstamatic users have hated most about the app throughout the years.

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As a beta tester myself, I’m sworn to secrecy and can’t say much at this time. About all I can say is that I think Hipstamatic have done this update right. Hipstamatic 300 is a very spiffy, very impressive piece of software. Hipstamatic’s developers definitely did not break or ruin one of my favorite iPhone photography apps.

Hipstamatic 300 is scheduled to be released this August.

We’ll have more as soon as were able to talk about it. For now, enjoy the teaser video:


If you’re having problems seeing the video embed, try this link here.

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