Hipstamatic, login failed, unable to load product

Hipstamatic 301 ($1.99) was quickly released hot on the heels of a very buggy and unstable 300 upgrade. Hipstamatic 301 is a huge update for the popular analog-style app and introduces many, many new features such as non-square image support, the ability to import photos from your camera roll, the ability to edit images (pretty thoroughly, actually) after shooting, “pro” camera adjustments and more.

The new update fixes a number of bugs in the original 300 making the app pretty stable to for most of us to now use. I’d say it’s safe enough to upgrade from Hipstamatic 280 if you want the new features.

While upgrading is mostly easy and most of your existing HipstaPaks upgrade seamlessly, Hipstamatic 301 may require you to re-log in to your Hipstamatic account to redownload any Freepaks you might have, like the most excellent Tejas FreePak FreePak given away for SXSW a few years ago.

If you’re like me and forgot your Hipstamatic login, there’s no way to retrieve your password from the app. You can reset it using a browser. To reset your Hipstamatic password, you’ll need the email address you signed up with. It’s pretty easy to locate — simply use the email address they send the occasional newsletter to. Visit this link and check your email for a follow-up email.:


Once your password is reset, you can go into the “My Gear” tab in Hipstamatic and Restore Purchases. Everything should reappear.

If you create a new user account with Hipstamatic, you won’t be able to download your previous FreePaks with the new account.

Again, I really like how they’ve done the Hipstamatic 301 update. They’ve somehow managed to add the features many HipstaUsers have been clamoring for over the years while still retaining the plastic analog camera charm that made the original one of my favorite iPhone apps. You can use the app either way and that’s one of the things that I really like about this update.

Expect more bugfix updates from Hipstamatic soon, but the new version now works well enough for you to dig into its many new features.