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Are your selfies not all they can be? There are quite a few selfie editors, a notable example is Perfect365, now free, which does a nice job.

If you’re looking for more power, and as a result, a better selfie, look no further than Mira Selfie Editor from Anthropics. It’s the same company that offers PortaitPro for the Mac, probably the go-to app for fashion photographers. I’ve used PortraitPro, and it is amazing.

Mira for the iPhone ($3.99) is a bit scaled down, but has a good deal of the PortraitPro technology built in. It offers skin beautification which lets you remove lines, smooth skin, and eliminate blemishes.

IMG_8340Face slimming is especially nice on iPhone selfies, because the iPhone camera has a bit of optical distortion that makes faces appear more full than they are in real life.

Other features include eye and mouth enhancement, teeth whitening, eye brightening, and even a smile can be adjusted. Mouth enhancement offers 6 different pre-sets, and there are 4 for skin color.

Lighting corrections let you move a virtual spotlight to better light a face, and the background can be darkened.

Using Mira

IMG_8341 IMG_8343 Knowing the control in PortraitPro, I wondered how everything would transfer to the small iPhone screen, and I can say that the design is a success. You can zoom in for detailed work, and brush sizes are adjustable, so you can clean up small things without smudging the whole face.

The app is quite intuitive, and I didn’t really need to refer to any documentation, and there are some popup examples to get you started.

The feature I liked the most was the auto-correction for the iPhone face distortion. It worked really well with just a click, but you can further adjust a face if you like.

There’s a button that lets you switch back between your original and edited version. While there is not a sequential ‘undo’ option, you can cancel any edit and go back a step.

Photos can be saved to your photo library, or sent out via Facebook, Twitter Instagram or WhatsApp.

The Bottom Line

There’s always a question of just how much to change a face. Or you trying to create a whole new look, or try to capture a smoother version of you? The debates over ‘photoshopped’ models is endless.

I use Mira to just clean up blemishes and reduce any optical distortion. I’ve taken some selfies of friends and they all seem to like the results. I feel I’ve succeeded when the person looks more like they really look, and less like the distorted and often hardly lit image I see on the iPhone.

Getting this kind of power in your pocket is pretty amazing, and while there are some other selfie solutions out there I think Mira leads the pack. The company has deep experience at portrait editing, and it shows with the range of features and the speed with which the edits are rendered.

The company also offers an iPad version of the app, Mira Selfie Editor HD ($7.99) which has even more control. I think working on the larger iPad screen would be an advantage, but I also feel I did quite well on my iPhone, and that’s the device I always have with me.

While Perfect365 is capable, and free, Mira blows it away with more control and more powerful features.

Download Mira Selfie Editor

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App Store link: Mira Selfie Editor – Anthropics