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A new VSCO Cam (Free, with in-app purchase) update was released this week. Although the new 4.4.1 is a dot-dot-x update, it’s got a lot of new stuff, including a new Clarity tool which we’ll have a look at. Oh, and “Cam”? It’s gone. The app is now just called VSCO.

Many iPhoneographers use VSCO as their camera of choice. It has a good built-in tool set, but its crown jewels are the beautiful and excellent one-tap film recreations in the filter set.

New Tools in VSCO 4.4.1


The new Clarity tool smartly enhances local detail in contrast in an image. Camera+ introduced this tool years ago and perfected it in their Clarity Pro update. Basically, the Clarity tool found in a lot of photo apps is a fancy word for “midtone contrast”. When done right, it can really make a photo pop.

The new Clarity tool is in the middle of the app’s tool set. It can be adjusted from 0 to 12. Like nearly everything VSCO, it’s more subtle than the same tool in other apps, which is a good thing. Larger moves give you greater control and VSCO’s really helps bring out details which may otherwise be lost. VSCO’s smaller range for the tool helps prevent users from overdoing it and adding halos and other artifacts.

Take a look at these before and after samples below (click to enlarge):

vsco, vsco cam, iphone, clarity, wisconsin, covered bridge

Original image, no processing

vsco, vsco cam, iphone, clarity, wisconsin, covered bridge

Processed with VSCO’s Clarity tool, cranked to 12

Basically, even cranked up, the new Clarity tool does a good job of taking a good photo and adding just a little extra punch to it.

Other new features include:

  • Redesigned a streamlined Explore section to showcase original content from VSCO and people you follow.
  • Added VSCO widget to the Today view. Easily access the Edit screen to edit the most recent photo in your camera roll, or go directly to the VSCO camera.
  • Enabled ability for quick actions using 3D touch on iPhone 6s and 6s Plus
  • Fixed crash when adjusting flash or advanced exposure on iPhone 6s and 6s Plus
  • Fixed iPad action extension
  • Fixed various issues and bugs

If you have one of the fancy new iPhone 6S devices, the new 3D Touch feature is pretty slick. One of the actions takes you directly to VSCO’s Import screen, saving you about 47 taps in the app….

All in all, it’s a good and deceptively big update for a dot-dot-1.


Download VSCO Cam

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App Store link: VSCO – Visual Supply Company